Cantomar Costa Rica

Design and Construction Updates

Construction Progress

Roadway, drainage and utility Infrastructure is well underway throughout the Cantomar site. Our initial focus is the installation of the main entry, rotunda and access road to Lots 1-12 as well as the secondary access from the public road. This work requires the installation of drainage facilities and grading of the rotunda and amenity areas. The infrastructure project is a coordinated effort between our engineers, contractor, security consultant, landscape architect, architecture firm, and development team.

The next phase of work will prioritize the installation of the water and sewer services as well as other utilities and improvements to the public roadway. The final phase will focus on the finish product of paver streets, lighting, landscaping, security, gatehouse and paving of the public roadway.

Cantomar Landwork.007
Custom Homes in Progress

Custom home designs are in progress for Lots 6 and 10 with Lot 4 design coming soon. Home customizations include expanded pools and outdoor living, staff service entry, integration of landscaping into the residences and other owner modifications specific to their needs. All homes at Cantomar are customized to suit individual Buyer needs.

Club and Amenities Progress

The Ocean Club design and specifications are our first priority. We are currently working with Inverse Project on the completion of the construction drawings and specifications with a targeted construction start date of summer 2025.

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